Quinteto Leopoldo Federico


Colombian group dedicated to perform the most representative styles of Tango and conformed since 2011 by musicians from Bogotá with wide experience in differents musical genres: Alberto Tamayo (Piano), Daniel Plazas (Violin), Kike Harker (Contrabass), Francisco Avellaneda (Guitar) and Giovanni Parra (Bandoneón).The Project have become in a proper space inside the country to share, listen, play and learn with the greatest masters of Tango in the world who are alive, and take its name of the biggest master of tango Leopoldo Federico, who sponsor this iniciative from Buenos Aires.From its school project, the Quinteto have realized didactic concerts in the National University of Colombia, Pedagogic University, University of Los Andes and University Inca.Furthermore have recibed master classes with Masters like Daniel Binelli, Hernán Possetti, Pablo Agri and Esteban Falabella, all of them argentine masters with wide trajectory in tango.

The Quinteto have realized succeful recitals in acknowledged halls and music schools from Bogotá and Colombia: Fabio Lozano Auditory, Leonardus Auditory, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theatre, Roberto Arias Pérez Theatre, La media Torta Open Air Theatre, Bellas Artes from Bogotá Theatre, Skandia Auditory, Julio Mario Santo Domingo Library, El Tunal Library, El Tintal Library, Virgilio Barco Library, Theatre Luis A Calvo (Bucaramanga), Tolima Theatre (Ibagué), Lido Theatre (Medellín,) Pablo Tobón Uribe Theatre (Medellín). They have participated in the Didactic Concerts Cycle organized by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, have been invited twice to the International Festival of Tango from Medellín and to the Bucaratango Festival in Bucaramaga city. They also have played recently in Duitama city whitin the framework of the International Week of Bolivarian Culture.

The Quinteto is part of the dance companies Alma de Tango and Tango Embrujo, where performs with the most highlights dancers of tango in the country. Nowadays has shows with Alma de Tango in the play “Páprika” in Bellas Artes from Bogotá Theatre season.Currently they are recording their first Cd, where they will interpret traditional tangos with arrangements by severals masters from Argentina and Colombian music adapted for the first time to this kind of musical format.

  Quinteto’s Discography

  • “Pá Qué Más” – Album (2017)
  •  “Bogotá – Buenos Aires” – Album (2015)


Quinteto’s Accolades

  • Nominated for Best Folk Album in Latin Grammy (2017)
  • Nominated for Best Tango Album in Latin Grammy (2015) 

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