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Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jessica Morale is a pop-rock singer/songwriter with a distinctive unique presence. Singing since the age of 4, Morale developed her rich sultry voice from years of performing in choirs, musicals and various talent showcases. Over time, she began writing her own songs and later learned how to play the guitar in order to accompany herself on stage. Morale’s adoration for music has long-lived in her soul and her fans will soon have a taste of her hard work.

In November 2016, Morale released her debut single “Wildfire” with the Latin Grammy-nominated Grammy-nominated label, Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. “Wildfire” is an anthem for fans to never give-up on their dreams even through challenging circumstances. Pierced with robust authority in her voice and heart-warming lyrics, listeners of this latest track will be moved by Morale’s message of perseverance. In the meantime, Morale is currently recording her debut EP with Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. These tracks will tell the stories of love, pain and the beauty in imperfection. Listeners should anticipate her songs to be filled with honesty as her lyrics are drawn from inspiration found through personal experiences. This EP is expected to draw the attention of not only new audiences, but also the interest of major labels and PR teams.

While not working on her music, Morale can be found in her favorite bookstore sipping on her favorite coffee, shopping for vintage pin-up style clothing or at home obsessing over her favorite creature, her cat Zuko. With a quirky-stylistic flair and a distinctively powerful voice, Morale has the capability to dominate the pop-music scene one stage at a time.

“My goal is to always be authentic with my songwriting and who I am as a performer. I want to encourage others and inspire through my songwriting while also providing a unique theatrical experience at my shows. Music has long-lived in my soul, and I can’t wait for the world to hear my story.” 

  5 Fun Facts About Jessica!

  1. Jessica has an extremely unhealthy obsession with her cat, Zuko.
    • Named after a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  2. She’s a big lover of anything retro or vintage.
    • In things  that regards to music, fashion, and history.
  3. Jessica is double jointed in her left arm.
    • She’s able to twist it in an unnatural way.
  4. She love all things Marvel and DC.
    • Favorite animated TV show is Dragonball Z.
  5. She loves to bake!
    • She can bake anything from cookies, cakes, pies, and etc.


 Jessica’s Discography

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