Welcome Back!

Welcome everyone to the 2017-2018 school year! Exciting stuff is happening this year that will have everyone talking about Hoot/Wisdom! This year is Hoot/Wisdom’s 15 year anniversary, and that calls for a celebration. Each week on our social media, we are going to post a fact about the label and it’s past; in honor of the 15 years. So be sure to follow us on all our platforms, and check back to find out some interesting facts throughout the year; along with many other posts that will keep everyone engaged!

While the 15 Year Anniversary is a big project this year, we are also having guest speakers that will give us some words of “wisdom”, and other projects that will have everyone involved in the making of a great and busy year. With everything that’s going on this school year, it’s important to have fun while working hard.


Along with all the exciting things going on this year, we’d like to add 5 tips for a successful school year:

  1. Connect with other students on campus – Collaborating is key to success !
    – This could be to spread the word on Hoot/Wisdom

– Find students on campus that would be interested in our projects and that like the music produced by Hoot/Wisdom

– When we try to connect with others, we are not only helping Hoot/Wisdom, but we are helping others step out of their comfort zone to make them better students, speakers, and overall more confident!

  1. Connecting with professors to guide your way to a successful career in the industry.
    – Sit down with your favorite professors to find ways to break into the music industry

– Utilizing resources to your full advantage (it is never a bad thing to use every source around you)

– When you connect with your professors, you are gaining knowledge that they know, but others don’t. That gives you an advantage

-Plus, getting to know your professors means that they get to know you; that’s an advantage for the professor! That puts you one step ahead of all the other students that don’t branch out.

  1. Go outside your comfort zone this year to make great meaningful memories! 
    – That’s the best part of college! When you graduate, and you get your first job in your career, you’re going to be sitting back in that office chair wanting memories to reminisce on. Those college memories are the ones you’ll want to think about!
  1. Intern!
    – Find companies to gain re-world experience with!-interning is great for gaining experience. They can help you along with school, as well. Interning might teach you something you haven’t learned yet in class, but once you get to that topic, you’ll already be ahead of the game!

– Interning is also a fantastic way to get ahead in the real world! Finding an internship that’s similar to your dream job makes for excellent practice. So once you get you graduate and get that job, you’ll know what to do!

  1. Most importantly, just have fun!
    – Enjoy school, soak in all of the important facts and enjoy every moment; because before you know it, you’ll be graduating!

-College is for students to make mistakes, so if you make a few, no worries! This is what it’s all about! Just don’t make too many, because you have to practice to get better!

– Along with making those mistakes, try to have fun while making them! A few mistakes aren’t the end of the world! You just gotta get back up on your feet!

-Making memories and having fun is the most important thing about college! If you don’t have fun, then college will seem like a drag to you. So make sure to have fun, make friends, and learn all you can! Before you know it, you’ll be handed that diploma that you have worked so hard for!

If you have any questions or just want to give an input on this year, feel free to give us a “hoot” and a holler!

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