Tips for Getting an Internship

School, work, adulting?! And now someone is telling you that you need to get an internship?! It can all be so exhausting. But what even is an internship? How do you get one? Well, an internship is the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a future qualification. Below I have listed 8 tips for ways in which you can land an internship to prepare you for your future endeavors.

1. Identify Where You Want To Be in the Music Industry

– Do you envision yourself being part of a radio station, record label, publicity, marketing, touring, A&R, etc.? It would be good to create a list of 2-4 areas of interest that you would like to work in so that when an employer asks what you are interested in working in, they would have an idea of where to place you in their business.

2. Create Your Dream List

– Put together a good list of your favorite artists, bands, and/or companies that you would love to work with. Would it really even be considered work if you got to work alongside your favorite artists/music everyday?

3. Rock Your Resume

– Create the best resume that you possibly can. This can be done by getting help from academic professionals at your school if you need it. Be concise, detailed, and interesting in your writing. Always have your resume proofread before you send it out to any companies.

4. Recommendations

– The music industry is based a lot around not what you know, but who you know. Having great connections will get you far in life, but especially in the music industry. Call an old employer, a professor, or a great person in your life who can write you an amazing recommendation letter.

5. Start Applying

– Once you feel that your resume is ready for the world to see, start applying to as many places as you’d like. Not every company will post online that they are hiring for interns, so you can do something called a cold call. This is where you will call the company and see if they would be willing to accept your resume for their consideration. It is also a good idea to deliver the company a physical copy of your resume. You can do this by either mailing it or bringing to directly to the employer. This is a good way for the company to see your face and know exactly who you are.

6. Follow Up

– A few days or a week after you send your resume, call to follow up on your resume to make sure that it was received. No one usually calls on the phone anymore, and it will go a long way and make you stand out if you do.

7. The Interview

If you get three or four interviews, go to the one that you are least interested in FIRST to sharpen your interview skills. Dress business casual to show your professionalism. Don’t be on your cell phone while you are waiting, this is not a good look to the employer. Start your interview with a firm handshake and make good eye contact at all times. This shows your confidence and will make you more appealing. Bring two copies of your resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, an employer wants to see that you are interested in their company.

8. ALWAYS Follow Up

– Even if you didn’t love the interview, always send a thank you email, card, or phone call to follow up to say thank you for taking the time to interview you. Don’t be afraid to say “after meeting you I am even more convinced that I would like to work with you!”. Flattery goes a long way.


On Tuesday, January 30th from 10 am – 2 pm, the FAU Career Center is presenting an Internship and Part-Time Job Fair. This fair will be located in the Recreation and Fitness Center on the Boca Raton campus. You can register online at OWL CareerLink, make sure to bring multiple resumes, and professional dress is suggested. For more information about this event, you can contact the career center at or 561-297-3533 or FAU.EDU/CAREER.

Blog written by: Brianna Guinn


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