Open Mic Night Turnout

Open Mic Night had an amazing turnout last night! We had the largest amount of performers yet including singer/songwriters and comedians. The live performers last night ranged in a variety of genres from rap, alternative rock, country, pop and even a duet from The Greatest Showman. Our sign-ups started at 6:30pm and we filled up the whole time from 7pm-10pm with performances.

Our event took place at The Burrow Bar & Grill, which is the ideal venue to perform on campus. The Burrow provides a relaxed place for students to perform and audience members to eat and play board games while listening to live music. All students are welcome to join us in the evening for our Open Mic Nights. The following dates are our next Open Mic Night events: Oct. 11th @ 7pm, Oct. 25th @ 7pm, Nov. 8th @ 7pm, Nov. 29th @ 7pm.

All are welcome to perform! We hope to see you at our next event. 

Elizabeth Davidson

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