Newest Release! SOLISTAS by M.M. Commercial Music graduate Carlos Patiño

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Hoot/Wisdom Recordings released its newest album SOLISTAS – Instrumentos de Cuerda Pulsada I by the composer/producer/guitarist Carlos Patiño. The composer crafted eight solo pieces for three different Latin American plucked string instruments, exposing his academic and traditional side. The album was recorded, produced and mixed in Jalea records in Bogota, Colombia, by Carlos Patiño, and Faber Grajales who has been awarded and nominated by different Colombian music festivals and competitions such as the “Mono Núñez” and the “Colombian Bambuco festival”. The album was finally mastered by Carlos Patiño, and Alejandro Sánchez-Samper,  associate professor at FAU, at FAU’s Hoot/Wisdom Recordings studio at the Boca Raton campus. Albums can be purchased at and digital downloads and streaming are available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.


Solistas is a musical gathering. First, it is a gathering between academia and the Colombian music tradition. From his academic point of view, Carlos Patiño approaches the Colombian traditional music through three instruments – the guitar, the tiple (Colombian national instrument) and the cuatro (Venezuelan national instrument)- and through two of the most representative Colombian Andean rhythms: The Bambuco and the Pasillo.


Through a personal sound exploration, Patiño’s inquiries regarding the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and timbre development of these musical traditions, allowed him to create a musical path, which re-signifies the connection of these two universes with beauty, respect and authenticity.


Solistas also brings the Colombian music tradition to academia. Nowadays, the number of solo academic pieces written specifically for cuatro and tiple is still limited. To increase their repertoire, Patiño composed solo pieces for these two instruments. Furthermore, he daringly engraved polished music scores in which all the notes, complex rhythms and notation expressions are fulfilled, as an academic art music score would do; something uncommon in the Colombian folk music literature.


Secondly, Solistas is a gathering of the composer’s personal life experiences. Solistas, is a carefully well-crafted collection of pieces that was developed through years.  Through his own musical perspective, the composer translated moments and landscapes into music. Such is the case of the piece “Josefina,” in memory of his grandmother, “Présteme el cuatro,” the moment in which the composer borrowed for the first time a cuatro, or “Mi agua e’panela,” evoking the mountains of the Colombian Andean region landscape while drinking a common beverage called Agua e’panela.


Lastly, Solistas is a gathering of different musical elements. Textures, harmonies, modes, forms, styles and timbre exploration were developed throughout the entire album, giving unique characteristics to each one of the pieces. The album illustrates the complex technical development of plucked string instrument soloist pieces in which melodies, counterpoints, bass lines, rhythms and accompaniments all happen simultaneously. It takes the technical considerations of the instruments and the performers skills to a high level, and is a beautiful example of the power that music has to convey emotions.


Solistas includes a fascinating lineup of performers and artists. Cesar Quevedo, who recorded the pieces “Bosques de Tamarindo” and “At Land,” is currently a member of a Colombian guitar trio called Trip Trip Trip, and a band called Meridian Brothers. He performs in concerts throughout the Americas and Europe. Faber Grajales, renowned tiple player and one of the producers, recorded “Taguas.” Juan Carlos Contreras who recorded “Présteme el Cuatro” and “Continuendo,” and Juan Miguel Sossa who recorded “Mi agua e’panela,” are both members of the distinguished Ensamble Sinsonte, which has concerts throughout the world. Octavio Grajales, who recorded “Angustia,” is currently working towards a Master of Music performance in guitar in the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Iván Perez, who recorded “Josefina” is currently involved in advocating the guitar culture in Colombia.


Germán Darío Pérez Salazar, composer known as the ambassador of the Colombian Andean folk music, and winner of more than 20 Colombian national awards said:


Solistas is a beautiful and respectful tribute to the Latin American instruments. Each piece highlights and explores the natural characteristics of each instrument in a high musical level, providing an honest artistic proposal of a great quality. As a composer, I widely recommend this project created by my colleague Carlos Patiño Durán.”


Carlos Patiño Durán has been involved in the music industry working in different positions throughout his career. He is a member of a Colombian rock band named RedO’Clock, sharing the stage with renowned international bands such as Foster The People, Evanescence, Garbage, The Drums, Dead Kennedys, Molotov, Bomba Estereo, Diamante Electrico, J Baldvin, among others. As a film scorer, he has worked for documentaries such as “El más veces campeón” produced by Diptongo SAS, and Millonarios Futbol Club, the most important soccer teams in Bogotá, Colombia, and other documentaries and short films in Colombia, Argentina and Spain.  Also, he has worked as an assistant audio engineer, audio editor, and audio post-producer for albums such as Pa’ Qué Más by the Quinteto Leopoldo Federico, Latin Grammy nominee 2017, released by Hoot/Wisdom recordings, “Astor Piazzolla-Legacy” by Tomas Kotik and Tao Lin, released by Naxos records 2017, nominated for the ICMA International Classical Music Awards 2018, among others.

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