New Artist Watch: Equus

Hoot/Wisdom would like to introduce one of our recently signed artists, Equus, who works with our management team Nakternl Vibes. Checkout his bio below!

A new, unique sound in electronic music is quickly gaining a following in the South Florida bass music scene: Equus. Equus is an eclectic Bass Music producer reigning from Jacksonville, Florida. His diverse sound includes jazz and RnB inspired future bass tracks to heavy-hitting, bass driven dubstep bangers. Equus provides everything beautiful and terrifying for bass heads.

After being exposed to music in his infancy, Equus decided to pick up his first instrument at the age of 9 and instantly fell in love. He later decided to pursue music in high school by attending the performing arts school Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. After 6 years of producing various forms of dance music, his production style matured and developed to what is now a combination of emotionally melodic passages paired with heavy, bass driven drops. Equus has recently been receiving respect from many underground producers including: Jackal, Finger Devious, AB the Thief, and The Juggernaut. After several months of work, Equus released his debut EP, I Am Equus, through UK label Dirt, Lies, and Audio Black on September 29th 2015. Equus described the EP as, “…an exploration in hybrid genres and musical enlightenment. It has really solidified my sound as an original musical concept.” After work as an Executive Producer at Hoot/Wisdom Recordings, Equus was added as an artist for 2016.  With a signed single in the works, a radio program featuring his music and music of other talented South Florida artists, and much more, Equus is set to dominate the South Florida bass music scene in 2016.

As new fans pour in daily, Equus’ drive and determination grows, providing unique material that keeps audiences moving. His genre defying music is a force to reckon with in the electronic music scene.

Follow Equus on social media at @Equusfl to be the first to catch his new music!


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