Music Audience Exchange (MAX) Wants to get Musicians Paid

Here at Hoot/Wisdom Recordings it is our every intention to showcase some of the best tools out there in the music industry. We are excited to share one of our favorite new discoveries with you.

Rykodisc’s former president, George Howard, has partnered with Nathan Hanks, the co-founder and CEO of ReachLocal, an online marketing firm, to create a systematic way to pair brands and artists. Hanks grew up surrounded by a musical family and always felt that musicians were missing out on a vital marketing opportunity:

“Brands needed more story telling capabilities and [they] had no way to reach back and get content. Musicians personify storytelling that is made for the brand experience.”

Their idea is to bridge the gap between local bands and national brands with the purpose of targeting certain demographics. So far, they have raised $6 million in financing. MAX is at the intersection of three major trends:

  1. Consumer desire to move away from the basic product pitch
  2. The rise of digital music platforms
  3. The sheer amount of publishing tools that have appeared, but have overwhelmed fans

MAX can identify 200+ different demographic categories of fans for 2.4 million musicians that the company tracks across 765 genres. For example, a brand can reach out to MAX with a prospective campaign and MAX will then identify artists that the brand’s particular demographic cares about, and that fit the brand’s budget. The deal is only signed if the artist agrees to the terms.

“The fewer things standing between the content creator and the content consumer, the better,” says Howard.

Hanks sees this applying to a wide range of talent, from influences, movie stars, YouTube celebrities, musicians, and actors.

MAX is so important for the emerging artist because it is quickly turning into the ideal marketing tool. The artist begins to understand the scope of his or her reach while receiving unparalleled promotion. MAX works with the artist to produce custom branded content prominently featuring their music, and will distribute audio, video, and written content to hyper-targeted audiences across radio, streaming, and social media. All of the marketing drives consumers to a program-specific content hub. Additionally, MAX brings the entire promotion together with bigger shows for the artist and accompanying experiences for fans: backstage experiences, retail appearances, and more. MAX’s live activation app can gather fan data at shows and bring a branded backstage experience to thousands more consumers online.

For more information, please visit Music Audience Exchange and TechCrunch.

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