Where do student musicians and non-musicians go for live music in Boca/Delray?

Although Boca Raton isn’t necessarily known for its live music, a handful of venues provide places for young musicians to perform live in front of students and customers alike. Among these are Robot Brewery, Dada Delray, Subculture Coffee and The Funky Biscuit. In this article I aim to highlight the pros and cons of each venue and which might be the best for an FAU student.

  1. Robot Brewery: This venue is first on my list because of its accessibility to students. Although it’s a brewery and bar, Robots age limit is 18 plus, making it easy for lots of students to go. Also it’s located on US1 about 5 minutes from campus, making it very easy for students with cars or bikes to get there. Genre wise, they host weekly jam nights, involving various genres and book specific bands as well. Over all a popular close to campus joint, friendly to students.
  2. Dada Delray: This restaurant/coffee shop/venue is located in the heart of downtown Delray. Every Monday night they host an open mic night, involving every type of music. Dada also books bands and pays as well. The only issue is that it’s a 15 minute drive from campus, making it hard for students with out cars to get there.
  3. Subculture Coffee: Located almost across the street from Dada, this local coffee shop hosts many different nights of fun and music. Such as band nights, jam nights, record swaps and other hipstery happenings. The best part is that they are open till midnight and have no cover charge.
  4. The Funky Biscuit: I put this on the list, to warn other students about this venue. Unlike any of the aforementioned places, the Biscuit is a full time popular restaurant, which caters to an older crowd, making it quite unfriendly to students. You generally have to buy a drink or something to sit there. Also the way the jam night is run, favors the old timers, so you end up getting to perform at the end of the night, after waiting for hours. Like that’s not bad enough, if the host doesn’t like what you played, he kicks you off the stage! I think I’ve said enough for you to get the idea.

Peter Barraclough

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