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We are looking for motivated student leaders to serve on the board of Hoot/Wisdom Recordings student chapter for the 2017-2018 academic school year. The following board positions are available.

Vice President: The second student leader of Hoot/Wisdom Recordings.  It is a position of leadership that requires additional public relations and networking skills to communicate both with on campus and off campus liaisons to increase awareness of Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. The Vice President shall also have such powers and duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President. In the absence of the President shall, in general, perform the duties of the President. This individual must be able to work alongside the President and be able to delegate such tasks to the remaining board in order to aid in both on and off campus awareness.
Treasurer: Will handle the financial stability of the organization and work with the Faculty Advisor, President, and Event Manager to maintain the budget and monetary growth or the organization. It is important that the Treasurer have a solid understanding of how to monetize Hoot/Wisdom Recordings growth and how to maximize efforts both on and off campus to maintain stability for the label. It is important that the Treasurer attend fundraisers to ensure all monies are handled efficiently and properly calculated.
Secretary: Will take notes and record the minutes of each board meeting. They will be in charge of making sure all information regarding Hoot/Wisdom Recordings is organized on all project management systems, including but not limited to Basecamp, Google Drive, Calendars, etc. It is important that the Secretary monitor student activity, on campus event activations, and community opportunities to ensure each board member is maximizing efforts and staying organized throughout the process.
Event Manager: Will work with the President, Faculty Advisor, and Executive Board to plan and manage events for the organization such as fundraisers, conferences, panels, etc. This individual should have an understanding of event management and how to orchestrate all details such as booking artists, on-site setup, pre-event promotional tools and coordination with the Director of Publicity, post-event wrap-up, etc. This individual will be the on-site contact for any and all Hoot/Wisdom Recordings events.
Web Manager/Visual Media: Maintain the Hoot/Wisdom website and ensuring that it is kept up to date on a weekly basis with new and innovative blogging ideas, social media posts, and press release postings. They will also maintain social media and visual arts for the organization such as photography, videography, and overall design components with the President and Faculty Advisor. This individual should have a basic understanding of graphic design elements to aid in piecing together any necessary Hoot/Wisdom Recordings artwork.
Director of Publicity: Will oversee all press and official communication for the organization. This individual will work closely with the entire Executive Board to organize and orchestrate specific tasks to ensure the public and press are in the know of particular events, releases, and so forth.

Application deadline: Wednesday. April 19, 2017

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