Submit your demo for Spring 2017

Do you think you have what it takes to record through Hoot/Wisdom Recordings? Submit your demo today! We are now accepting demos from all FAU and PBSC students, faculty, staff and alumni. All genres welcome.

The spring semester is going to be a bit different for Commercial Music forum and for Hoot/Wisdom. There are going to be two sections of forum running at the same time. Commercial Music Business majors will be working with instructor Jen Appel on the planning and execution of three album releases. Commercial Music majors in either the composition or technology track will be working in Professor Sánchez-Samper’s section on producing original content with aspiring artists.  The artists will be pre-selected by the Hoot/Wisdom executive board and the Faculty advisory board through this duo submission process.

Aspiring artists need to complete this form and submit examples of their current work. Work submitted does not have to be original content (covers are accepted because we want to see your potential as an artist and you will be working with other students next semester in songwriting and production).

If you are selected as an artist for next semester, you need to be available every Friday between 3 and 5 p.m. If you are unable to meet during this time, please do not apply at this time since a bulk of the production and songwriting process will be taking place during this time.

Selected artist will be doing the following next semester:

  1. Working with other students in the production of one song. All songs remain the intellectual property of the songwriters involved.
  2. Working with other students in the recording of a single. Since students will be using facilities and equipment owned by the State of Florida, all recorded elements become property of the State of Florida through Hoot/Wisdom Recordings as outlined in the agreements that all parties involved must sign prior to commencing work.
  3. All artists will be assigned a production crew to work with of students enrolled in the Commercial Music Forum class. Every week, the artist and the students will be working on different challenges designed to spur creativity and teamwork. Artist agrees to participate in these challenges and to deliver to the best of his/her ability the outcomes desired from these challenges.
  4. By mid-semester. each artist and his/her production team must have a basic recorded demo ready to submit for critiquing. These demos will be presented to a panel of industry executives and producers who will listen to them and provide advice on how to improve them. Artist and their production team will then be given a few weeks to correct their demos.
  5. Toward the end of the semester, the artists and their production team will submit a final 24 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV of their production. A panel of judges comprised of the Hoot/Wisdom executive board members, the faculty advisory board of Hoot/Wisdom and an industry professional will select three tracks for commercial release. These tracks and the artist that produced them will be marketed and promoted the following semester by Hoot/Wisdom recordings.
  6. All other tracks produced and recorded during the semester will not be commercially released. Students may only use these tracks as a demo of their work through private links and will not post these tracks, in whole or in part, to any social media site, website, etc. or attempt to profit from them commercially.  Artists are free to re-record these tracks outside of Florida Atlantic University and may use them for commercial purposes as long as there is no recorded element present in the re-record of the track that was donate Florida Atlantic University.

SPRING 2017 application form

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